We are pleased to welcome you to employment with The Hi-Lo Diner!

Our philosophy is simple and ambitious. We strive to constantly set high standards for quality and guest service. We’re proud of our reputation in the community and we know the only way to preserve and enhance that reputation is to continuously improve.

Every person at The Hi-Lo Diner has a personal stake in the success of the Company. We are all keenly aware that the only way to realize our own ambitions is to do an outstanding job of helping our guests enjoy their experience with us.

This Handbook will answer most of your questions about The Hi-Lo Diner, its policies, procedures and your role. Remember that it is your initiative and creative thinking which will define your success. Your ability to draw on your experience, use common sense, be flexible and adapt to our growing and changing environment will allow you to make significant contributions to our Company and enhance your personal success and fulfillment.

We are excited that you have chosen to join us and look forward to your many contributions to the continuing growth of The Hi-Lo Diner.

Thank you and welcome. 

James Brown and Mike Smith